Protect your business against cyber attacks

All too often, websites are vulnerable to cyber attacks because site owners aren’t sure how to protect themselves against today’s biggest security threats. You may think it’ll never happen to you. You read the news, hear about stories but you never think that you’ll become a cautionary tale— that’s where you’re wrong. Cyber attacks on small and medium-sized businesses worldwide are on the rise, and you need to be prepared for this risk. More than ever before, cyber crooks are now targeting medium and small businesses. It’s not just the blue chip companies or governments that are under fire. It’s now startups and small businesses of all stripes – retail shops, leisure activity businesses, hotels, health clinics, and even colleges are getting hammered by cybercriminals. And it’s pushing many entrepreneurs to the verge of bankruptcy.

Secure Website Link:

Companies have been delaying securing their websites for years. It’s too much trouble, they think. It will cost too much, others say. Google isn’t putting up with these excuses anymore.Google will mark all non-HTTPS websites as insecure and unless you secure your website, you can kiss your web traffic goodbye. Let us help you safeguard your business from cyber attacks and prevent a shut down of your site against an affordable price. To secure your website we can install a SSL certificate on your server so that your website visitors can be sure that they are on a safe and secure website. The price for a SSL certificate depends on your hosting provider.

Data Back-up & Recovery Services

How much work would you get done if you couldn’t access any of your data? It’d be like having your hands tied behind your back. You have to do everything you can to ensure your employees, customers, partners, and suppliers can access what they need, when they need it—no matter what. You need data backup and recovery services. Global Web Agency makes sure you stay productive and your information stays protected. Get all-inclusive remote data backup and disaster recovery services for your critical business data, server and desktop operating systems. Our services also protect your server and desktop program files. Gain quick access to your entire server if it crashes.

Malware Removal Services:

Do you know that more than 30.000 websites are getting hacked every day? Dont’ wait until your website get blacklisted! We offer website malware removal services. You can loose your customers and search engine positions. There is no time to wait, you should act fast! One of our security professionals will find and remove malware, spyware and viruses from your website. We can help you within 24 hours! Our security experts and engineers are more than happy to help you find and remove any malware and backdoors from your website. They will fix all the bugs your website might have to prevent future hackers attacks. The next step is carefully analyze your website and identify any other backdoors hackers could left to get the access to your website. We strongly recommend you to subscribe to any our security plans to get absolute protection and keep your website safe and secure.