Logo Design

Logo Design

A logo should be memorable, and have a symbolic essence of what a company or product represents. Images speak louder than words. In the fast world of the internet, images and graphics play a fundamental role in catching the attention of users while creating a strong first impression of your business. Our graphic designers can create your logo and other graphics for your website. Our professional team has the training and experience to design and integrate your logo and other graphics into your website to help you better market your brand and company.

First impressions count, and your logo is likely the first piece of information your audience has about your company. Having a professional brand identity is no trivial matter; instead, it is a powerful tool that instantly communicates your corporate style and philosophy, and sets you above your competition. To say the least: Your logo can make or Br e-Ak your company, no pressure, right?

Our Creative Agents immerse themselves in the lives of your brand’s potential users, uncovering their motivations and needs. Armed with these game-changing insights, they shape strategies with the power to radically shift behaviour. All creativity and development is performed in-house, by our experiences designers.

The first step to the creative process at our company is understanding our Client’s business needs. To save us both valuable time, you will be asked to complete our Branding Questionnaire. This will help us understand your needs, insights and expectations. Then, we spend time learning about your business or product in order to create a fitting brand – avoiding cliche designs. Once we have gathered all the relevant information about your company, we start sketching and developing. The computer-drawn concepts are sent to you for approval. Once an option is chosen, we move on to a round of refinements.

We request a 50% deposit prior to starting our creative process and 50% balance on completion of the project(s). When a final logo has been refined and perfected, the second half of payment is expected. After we receive this payment, you will receive the appropriate files for print and web use (PDF and/or AI, JPG and PNG format).

Are you ready to make your business stand out? Let’s build your brand identity!