morphisec microsoft defender ATP

Microsoft Defender & Morphisec have partnered to deliver the most efficient & cost-effective endpoint security against known & unknown threats. Together they deliver an unbeatable combination of highly advanced prevention, detection and behavioral monitoring embedded into the fabric of the operating system for unprecedented flexibility and function.

Legacy antivirus can be replaced with free embedded Windows Defender AV and apply those cost savings to add Morphisec as a critical layer of protection against advanced memory attacks, exploits, fileless attacks, zero-days and evasive malware. Make your organization far safer and more operationally efficient at no added cost.

The Power of Moving Target Defense

Morphisec takes a wholly innovative approach to threat prevention. Other solutions use various detection technologies to first identify, then stop an attack. This leaves enterprises exposed to unknown attacks or those that leave no indicators. Morphisec first stops, then identifies the attack. Patented Moving Target Defense technology morphs the memory space – the main target of advanced attacks. This dismantles the attack delivery mechanisms and killchain, preventing threats instantaneously and unconditionally. As an application loads to the memory space, Morphisec morphs the process structures, making the memory constantly unpredictable to attackers.

Morphisec prevents all zero-days, advanced memory-based threats, malicious documents and browser-based attacks instantaneously, no detection, no hunting. Morphisec shrinks prevention time of unknown attacks to zero without alerts to investigate, analyze or remediate. Security teams reduce operational costs while slashing organizational risk. Morphisec’s powerful Moving Target Defense prevention technology includes virtual patching of OS and application vulnerabilities.

Morphisec reduces your IT complexity as it cuts security risk. It installs quickly, requires no management or monitoring and has zero performance impact. Moving Target Defense prevents exploitation of unpatched vulnerabilities so IT teams can patch to their schedule. It functions across virtual, physical or hybrid IT environments, no internet connection required.